Reasons to attend

  • Visit the fair of ongoing projects, patents, business ideas, future projects, advanced products, …
  • Learn about: Global approach to new technologies; Vision for the European textile industry development; Creativity – The conditions and requirements of technological development of textile and clothing industry; The state of the Croatian textile interdisciplinary economy and Investment potential of the Republic Of Croatia in textile economy
  • Learn about examples of good practice of collaboration between scientists and business entities on French case
  • Become a part of the network between French and Croatian businessmen’s and scientists, institutions, students and other business entities
  • Get insight in the students business ideas 
  • Meet 200 participants from France, Croatia, Canada, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria… (and many others)
  • Present your paper in one of the largest French-Croatian conferences in Croatia
  • Publish your paper in „Textile & Leather Review“ Journal